Big news!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. This isn’t the first time I’ve started to post in the last couple of months, but my other attempts never made it past the draft stage.

Life has been turned on end around here lately. Each day is a constant battle to monitor and control Buddy’s blood glucose. We had him all evened out and everything was going great, but then he caught a cold and that really messed everything up. He’s over his cold now, but his numbers are still all over the place.

Four days ago (has it really only been four days?!!) we received a lovely package in the mail. Judah was finally able to get the continuous glucose monitor! The CGM immediately eliminated half of his daily pokes and for a five year old who’s adverse to pain, that is a huge deal!

With it, we’re able to keep a closer eye on his numbers throughout the day. Before, we only knew what he was at meal times because he didn’t like us to poke him anymore than necessary. Now, we can monitor him without the added pain of extra finger pokes. It does alert us to highs, but more important than that… in only four days it’s already caught at least three lows that we would have missed. In all three cases, he was low enough we needed to treat him for a low, which makes you wonder how often that happened before and we didn’t know about it.

That isn’t all that’s been happening lately, it’s just what burns the most mental energy!

Drumroll… I’ve also been busy writing a new book. One that took me far longer than it should have to write, but it’s finally all done. And…

It released on the 23rd (so I’m only two days late getting to this post).

The third book in my Taking Chances series, Christmas Rose follows the story of a young woman who takes part in a secret Santa project to help spread holiday cheer to the elderly. She draws the name of a new-to-the-area elderly gentleman and begins her quest to shower him with holiday cheer by writing notes and sending small gifts through the mail. Which is great… until she learns he’s not who she thought he was and that makes things a wee bit awkward for her. Throw in the cutest puppy ever, an incurable disease, and brothers who aren’t the most encouraging, and you have a fun Christmas read. Don’t think so? I dare you to read it and see for yourself. 🙂

If you’re reading this post on Christmas Day… Christmas Rose is still 99¢. It will go up to full price ($2.99) the day after Christmas (unless I forget, which is highly possible). It is also free in KindleUnlimited and the paperback will be available soon. I’m not sure when, but soon after the holidays.

You see, we have seven kids. Christmas is chaos in a fun way. We love every minute of it, but there’s not much time left for designing covers and formatting books. 🙂

I hope you get a chance to check out my newest book. In the mean time…

Merry Christmas!