Here is a new chapter in our mini mystery, Pages of Fate… I don’t know when the ominous feeling came over me. Maybe it started when we woke up to a darkened house. The electric had gone out sometime during the night. Which was fine, we totally did not need that coffee to start the day, or the use of the oven to help get our week off to a good, running start. Not at all. We totally needed those hours of twiddling our thumbs while the feeling that something bad was coming hung over us. Or maybe it started when the boys came backRead More →

  To celebrate the release of To Love a Falcon by Nancy C. Williams, a group of authors and I have joined together to bring you a mystery, once again written tag-team style.  To see part one of our mystery, go HERE. __________________________ Without further ado, here is Part Two of the story of Anastasia:    Tanya’s arms flailed as she desperately tried to free her trapped hair and simultaneously push herself away from the machine. There was no time to think, but a myriad of images raced through Anastasia’s mind in those moments before she sprang forward. The foremost being her dear Andrei’s mother, hunchedRead More →

To celebrate the release of When the Curlews Call five other authors and myself have teamed together to write a serial novel such as you’d have found in the magazines my heroine loved to read in the early 1940s. We wrote in tag-team style, with each author writing their installment and passing the baton on to the next. It’s been fun to see where the story goes each time it gets passed along, and now we get to share it with you! Buckle up and enjoy the ride as we bring you… The pitter-patter of steadily falling raindrops could be somewhat calming in the right setting.Read More →

Previously in the blog hop… Kathleen J. Robison  (Scroll to the end for the giveaway.) “You do realize, don’t you,” Josh said as we made our way up the drive toward the house, “there isn’t enough coffee for a full pot. I’ll have to make a cupping brewer.” “For me?” I asked, giving him a pointed look. He didn’t exactly snort, but the noise he made sounded an awful lot like a snort. “In your dreams, dear.” I thought about replying, but it had been my idea to skip the whole coffee roasting process the afternoon before. The idea of going out in the coldRead More →

How often do we go on vacation, or simply go someplace unusual, and end up buying a souvenir to serve as a reminder of the fun times we had? How often do we visit fictional worlds and wish we could collect something to take home to remember our travels? Well, now you can. At least, you can if you visit Coxswain’s Bay in my Postcards From the Sea series. Because… Each cover is a postcard! The name is Burke McFarland, but folks call me Bear because I’m ugly as a warthog, big as a grizzly, and just as mean. Maybe that’s just my old granny’s opinion,Read More →

Today is the last day of release week, the end of this series of memories. After putting myself out there, constantly talking about the book and coming up with things to share and ways to post about it that are different, my brain has almost dried up.  I wrestled with the idea of skipping today’s post because I simply couldn’t think of something to share. And I never did think of any one thing. But… There was the time I inadvertently walked into the middle of a mob of wild pigs out behind the kitchen. Thoroughly scared the life out of me, and my appearing outRead More →

This next memory has two parts and involves a tissue, of all things.  The first part happened sometime in either 1986 or 1987. I don’t remember which year it was, but we were living on the station that became Kellynch in Persuade Me. At the time, Dad was the overseer because that station was under the management of the station next door. When the manager needed extra manpower, he’d call on Dad. In this instance, he needed help with the muster, the Aussie version of a roundup, so Dad had gone next door. Mum and us kids stayed home and all was going okay untilRead More →

If you’ve had a chance to read Persuade Me you’ll know that Anne goes to Uppercross and while she’s there, she starts working as station cook. And if you’ve been following along as I’ve talked about the book over the past however long, you’ll know that I too worked as station cook. Not only that, but I set the book on the station where I worked. Unlike Anne though, I wasn’t in my mid-20s when I started working there. I was a seventeen year old kid fresh out of high school.  Who didn’t know how to cook! I could boil water, or follow a coupleRead More →

After talking so much about dingoes being a part of the book, I thought it would be appropriate to return to that topic again in this series. Yes, they’re “only” a wild dog, but did you know the dingo is the largest land predator in Australia? And if you’ve ever seen the destruction a wild dog, or a pack of wild dogs, can do to newborn lambs and calves, you’ll understand why, in a land where agriculture is predominant, these animals are not viewed with any fondness. Also… if you’ve been woken in the dead of night by a blood-curdling howl, you’ll think even lessRead More →

Dingoes aren’t the only animals living in Australia, of course, and aren’t the only creatures I have memories of. There’s another memory that is kind of special because it involved my grandparents… My Mum came from Victoria, all the way at the south of the country, while my Dad came from Queensland in the north. So we had family up north and family down south, and as we’ve already talked about, for most of my childhood, we’d head south to where my grandparents lived to spend Christmas with them. What I hadn’t already mentioned is that, for much of my childhood, every year around JuneRead More →