Christmas Rose
eBook: $2.99
Series: Taking Chances, Book 3
ASIN: B08317JKK4
ISBN: 1659670659

With the secret Santa event underway, Rose Vincent is eager to get started

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About the Book

Putting her cell phone away and pulling out pen and paper, what could be more fun than bringing a little Christmas cheer to a lonely old man? One note at a time, Rose is determined to create an entire, joy-filled holiday with notes and little gifts spread out over the coming weeks. It is Christmas, after all.

But what happens if the “old” man isn’t so very old? A fact that might have been good to know before Rose signed her real name at the end of all her notes.

Brody O’Shea is used to women chasing after him. He doesn’t like it, but it’s part of the job description, so to speak. It’s no surprise then, when a letter from another girl arrives in the mail. Along with half a dozen more. There’s nothing stalker-ish about that, said nobody ever.

The temptation to burn the offending letters before they’ve been opened is strong, but Brody knows his curiosity will never be satisfied if he doesn’t at least peek inside the first one. When he does he’s left with one burning question. Who is Rose? This woman who writes such interesting and heartwarming notes without once making him feel uncomfortable.

Throw a mischievous puppy into the mix along with an incurable disease, and is the chance of a happily ever after doomed before it even begins?

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