Loving Lissa
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Series: Postcards From the Sea, Book 3

They call me stoic, but I prefer to think of myself as Ashton Chandler.

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About the Book

Who am I really? Just a man who built walls around myself for various reasons–including an attempt to prevent meddlesome relatives from trying to set me up with the pretty new neighbor next door.

Yes, I know she’s pretty. I’m unavailable, not blind.

My death glares bounce right off the beautiful stranger on the beach and my frosty exterior doesn’t chill her sunshine at all. Not only that, but those invisible walls that are supposed to keep everyone (especially her) out? They shatter like wafer-thin glass the moment I see her smile. If I’m not careful, I’ll start smiling.

What’s the world coming to?

Lissa is everything I never knew I wanted. Too bad she comes with a problem big enough to rival the unexplained break-ins I’m already dealing with. Add in a missing dog, and it’s clear someone is pulling strings to disrupt our lives.

I just can’t figure out who or why.

Just when we think we have that worked out, things go from bad to worse. Why is loving the woman of my dreams turning into a nightmare? And more than that, is it worth the risk?

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