It was a dark and stormy night… Or not. It was night, but that’s about as far as the similarities go. I don’t remember how old I was, but it had to have been sometime in the very early 80s when my next-younger brother was still a baby. We were out in the bush somewhere. I don’t know where, or why, but we’d stopped for tea. Dad built a campfire in front of the car, and we sat around the fire eating our evening meal. All around us was dark, and as the darkness grew, my younger brother began to cry.  I don’t know why.Read More →

To celebrate the release of Persuade Me, I thought it would be fun to do a series focusing on stories that didn’t make it into the book. If you’ve been following along these past months leading up to release, you’ll know that much of Persuade Me is based on real events. Things that happened to myself or my family. Real stories that I wove into the fictional story. And I did that by writing those events as I remember them.  However, sometimes our memories can be somewhat skewed. As I found out when I ran this memory by my parents… Away back in the early 1980s,Read More →

It occurred to me this week that I haven’t introduced the book that releases in just over a month!! This is, obviously, something new that was suggested to me recently, and I did it with Confusing Cassie, but forgot all about saying anything about Persuade Me. Persuade Me… coming April 5th One horrible misunderstanding. Two heartbroken people. For seven long years, Anne Elliot of Kellynch Station quietly mourned the loss of her first love. Now that she’s finally over Fred for good, her sister offers the perfect escape: Uppercross. This move, from one cattle station to another, offers new friends, new responsibilities, and now that she’s outRead More →

That’s right! Confusing Cassie is now available on Kindle and in KindleUnlimited! Here’s the blurb to tell you a little more about the story: _____________________ My name is Cassie Brand, and my life is a shambles. To start with, I’m renovating my grandmother’s house in the hope of turning it into a functioning bed and breakfast soon enough to avoid debtor’s prison. Oh wait, wrong time period. Same difference though, because if I fall behind, Dearborn Suttle (aka Doofus) will gladly take the estate off my hands.  Why, I don’t know. Don’t want to know. Don’t even care to find out. But I will doRead More →

About the Book Book: Home for Christmas Authors: Chautona Havig, Toni Shiloh, Cathe Swanson, Jaycee Weaver Genre: Contemporary Christian Christmas Romance Release date: October 21, 2021 Settle in with your favorite beverage, a Christmassy snack, and get ready for all the feels with these four heart-warming, military-honoring Christmas novellas. The Christmas Lights Collection is back, and this year’s collection is better than ever. Full of love, joy, and hope, this year’s collection offers the celebration of freedom, sacrifice, and the greatest Gift ever given. These novella features two veterans and two active servicemen and their stories. The Stars of New Cheltenham (Chautona Havig): When a woman arrives at theRead More →

About the Book Book:  Penelope’s Pursuit Author: Chautona Havig Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense Release date: June 29, 2021 Are mail-order-brides changing their minds or is something sinister going on in Kansas? Ten years ago, Penelope’s sister ran away as a mail-order bride, and it was the last their family ever heard from her.  Now, with their parents dead and Penelope all alone, the young woman has one goal. Find her sister. It took enough grit for Reuben to write to Miss Mildred Crenshaw about finding him a wife in the first place, but when the stage arrives and no bride steps off, the whole thing feelsRead More →

About the Book Book: The Heart of Christmas Author: The Mosaic Collection Genre: Faith-Based Christmas Fiction Release date: October 6, 2021 “At Christmas, we always…” And thus a tradition is born. The rituals stay the same, but if betrayal, illness, unfaithfulness, or tragedy strike, can cherished traditions survive? When unexpected twists throw life out of kilter for the people in these stories, will beloved, time-honored customs lead them back to the heart of Christmas? My Thoughts I love when a book evokes emotion in me as a reader, and The Heart of Christmas did just that. I cried some, but I laughed a little too. Not all in the sameRead More →

About the Book Book:  Regaining Mercy Author: Carolyn Miller Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance Release date: June 29, 2021 A mom ready to do anything for her son. A man determined to win the woman he loves. Going on Love at First Glance had seemed like such a good idea. She didn’t care about finding Mr. Right. No, Mindy Murray chose the reality TV show for more mercenary reasons.  A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do when it comes to feeding her son. When Mindy returns to Elnora, the girl from the “wrong side of the island” just wants a chance to rebuild her reputation. Too bad the folksRead More →

About the Book Book: Stealing the First Mate Author: Tabitha Bouldin Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance Release date: June 29, 2021 Sometimes, happily ever after is as elusive as a pirate’s treasure Darcy Riggins dove headfirst into the online dating pool and sank. Every time. Her lifelong dream of becoming a wife and mother becomes more elusive every year. So, taking the lack of a Mr. Right in her life as a decided “No!” from God, Darcy gives up altogether. Single and happy is not an oxymoron. Right? Nigel Jones has loved Darcy for ages, but her father (his boss, of course) ordered him to keepRead More →

Written Off, the third and final book in the Wilkester Mysteries certainly lived up to my expectations. Ms. Cornthwaite has a way with words that makes even the prose captivating. At no time during the book did I find my attention wandering or my eyes glazing over to the point where I skipped ahead to the next portion of dialog. I lapped up every word, and didn’t want anything to distract me from reading. I particularly enjoyed Ms. Cornthwaite’s use of bookish quotes throughout the series. It was neat to see a book character who had a bookish quote applicable to every occasion. Some ofRead More →