Her Merriweather Hero… a CelebrateLit tour review

In case you’ve ever wondered, when it comes to writing reviews, even authors can stare at a blank screen trying to find something to say. Sometimes, I know what I want to write about, but struggle to get the words on paper. Sometimes, I just sit here staring at the screen without a single, coherent idea in my head. So yes, we understand what it’s like to review a book and not know where to start or what to say!

Right now, I’m falling halfway between those two. I know I enjoyed the book, but the words aren’t coming. So, as I often do in my writing, I’m getting the gears turning by writing about something that doesn’t really have anything to do with what I need to write. For my books, I tend to go write an email to my Mum, talking about the book and what I want to write. Usually, after waffling on for a few paragraphs, my mind has clicked into gear and I’m good to go. For my review… well, this was enough to get me started. 

So yes, in case you ever wondered, people who write whole books can sit and stare at a flashing cursor feeling as though they have nothing to say.

Her Merriweather Hero is the first book I’ve read by Rachel Skatvold, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. It was well-written, well-edited, and the story and characters were developed in a satisfactory way. The overall theme of the book seemed to center around fixing things that are broken—relationships, houses, animals, and people—and in particular, I liked the fact that the author didn’t try to do the magical insta-repair thing to one character, but showed progress and allowed room for future growth.

I think this is another great addition to the Independence Islands series. If you haven’t read the books that come before this in the series, in my opinion this book can stand alone, but it’s a richer read for knowing the backstory behind recurring characters.

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  1. Interesting sounding book and interesting teaser that you had trouble pulling your thoughts together.

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