Written Off… a CelebrateLit tour review

Written Off, the third and final book in the Wilkester Mysteries certainly lived up to my expectations. Ms. Cornthwaite has a way with words that makes even the prose captivating. At no time during the book did I find my attention wandering or my eyes glazing over to the point where I skipped ahead to the next portion of dialog. I lapped up every word, and didn’t want anything to distract me from reading.

I particularly enjoyed Ms. Cornthwaite’s use of bookish quotes throughout the series. It was neat to see a book character who had a bookish quote applicable to every occasion. Some of the quotes I didn’t recognize, but for many of them if I didn’t recognize the quote, I at least recognized the book it came from. Seeing which ones I knew and which I didn’t was a fun addition to reading the story. 

I requested a copy of this book to review. The opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Joanne, Thank you for sharing your wonderful review!

  2. I love a good mystery! This sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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