Scrumptious Independence… Celebrate Lit blog tour

Scrumptious Independence was a quick, fun book to read. The story flowed well, the characters held my interest and were relatable, although I never could figure out what Scott did for a living—he seemed to be all over the place in that regard. 

I appreciated the fact that it’s a book about food, but the author didn’t try to sensualize the food aspect. Yes, I have crossed that path in my reading (a story for another day) and did not enjoy the experience. In this book though, I was glad to see that in her descriptions the author didn’t go beyond whetting my appetite for some of the foods she described. 

I do appreciate a well-edited book and this one met my expectations. I did find a couple of teeny-tiny errors, but neither were anything that affected the flow of the story. The ratio of prose to dialogue was good too.

However… (isn’t there always a however?)… if I could take the book back to the editing stage and change one thing, it would be for the author to use contractions more often. The dialogue felt stilted at times because in almost every instance, the words were fully written out rather than contracted. I can understand the lean toward not doing that in a book (contractions are very informal), but we don’t talk that way nowadays. In my opinion, with this being a contemporary setting, the dialogue would feel more natural if it read the way we speak, or almost so. This was a niggling annoyance, but one I could overcome and something many readers might not even notice. 

Overall, I enjoyed the read.

I requested a copy of this book to review. The opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. This sounds like a terrific read.

  2. Thank you, Joanne, for taking the time to read Scrumptious Independence and share your thoughts. You are appreciated.

  3. Wonderful review! This series sounds like a must read. Thank you for sharing.

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